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India: Right to Be Forgotten Has Its Limits, Needs to Be Balanced – Delhi HC

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00



Justice Rekha Palli of the Delhi HC has come up with an interpretation of the Right to Be Forgotten where it was opined that there has to be a certain amount of limits which needs to set on this right lest the same be misused. The incident occurred after the Court served notice on a petition filed by Sukhmeet Singh Anand, who sought the revocation of a judgement and an order issued in connection with a FIR filed against him, therefore exercising his Right to be Forgotten. The Court then requested responses from the Centre, Indian Kanoon, and Google, and allowed a four-week term for submitting counter-affidavits in the matter, as well as two weeks for filing rejoinders, if any. A Bengali actress recently received interim relief from the High Court, which sought a halt to the publication and streaming of her naked videos on several online platforms, including YouTube.

"Right to be Forgotten depends on how far it has to be stretched. Tomorrow, people who defraud the banks will come and say 'please remove the judgment. We have to balance the rights." – Justice Rekha Palli said.