India: Women Eligible for NDA Entrance from May 2022

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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The Central Govt. has now come up with an affidavit throwing more light and certainty over the entry of women into the National Defence Academy. The Supreme Court case seems to have given the hope of Gender Equality in the predominantly male dominated Defence Academy. On the plea seeking equal opportunity for women at the National Defence Academy (NDA) and the Indian Naval Academy, the Centre has filed an extra affidavit before the Supreme Court. Captain Shantanu Sharma, Director (AG), Department of Military Affairs (DMA), Ministry of Defence, filed the affidavit. According to the government, admission exams for NDA are held twice a year, and the government plans to have the required mechanisms in place by May 2022. A study group has been constituted for study on the said reform and the syllabus for women candidates.