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Insurance licenses made mandatory for navigation vessels: Saudi Arabia

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:40:59


Insurance licenses made mandatory for navigation vessels: Saudi Arabia,Saudi Arabia

The General Transport Authority of Saudi Arabia has initiated a new regulation for the issuance of marine navigation licenses for ships flying the Saudi flag, foreign ships operating in marine areas, foreign pleasure ships, and marine units. 

A navigational license is required to be issued to Saudi ships that sail in international navigation or within the territorial borders of the Kingdom which also includes foreign ships operating in the maritime areas.

The authority added a work permit issued to Saudi maritime units to allow them to sail in the territorial sea of ​​the specified Kingdom (Arabian Gulf – Red Sea), and a sailing license issued for foreign cruise ships. 

The certificates related to safety, protection of the marine environment, qualification of seafarers, technically fit for sea navigation, qualification of crew members I required to obtain a license for the Saudi ship.A comprehensive insurance policy is also mandatory.

The navigational license is issued for the ship or marine unit for a maximum period of one year, and for foreign cruise ships without pay for a maximum of three months.

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