Know How Quiet Quitting and Quiet Firing Viral Trend is Impacting UAE’S Workforce

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Quiet Quitting and Quiet Firing, Quiet Quitting, Quiet Firing

After the pandemic, people are now questioning their work-life balance and the generation that puts their mental and emotional well-being at the utmost these trends of quiet quitting and quiet firing are justified to be trending.

Even though these two words are whirling around on social media, let’s look at exactly what these words mean and what the scenario revolves around them in a work atmosphere.

What is quiet quitting?

The employees do exactly what they are hired for and do not perform tasks beyond them. So there will be no overtime without compensation, and no additional responsibilities without a promotion.

According to the employees, the employers give them more to work even on weekends, public holidays, and extra hours almost daily. However, after realizing that none of those extra efforts materialized into career growth or better pay, the employees have decided to just scale it down by working strictly within the work hours and taking days off.

The quiet quitting trend is creating major waves in UAE’s workforce environment

Here are the reasons for this trend

  1. Fear of burnout from the stress of piled-up work
  2. Low job security even after the additional work 
  3. Lack of reward or appreciation
  4. Lack of career growth
  5. Concern over work-life balance
  6. Shortage of staff

What is quiet firing? 

Here the employers intentionally treat you badly so that the employee will leave the job. 

When the Quiet Quitting trend is started by employees to put mental health above job burn–out, the employers are not far behind. 

The Quiet Firing trend is when employers intentionally treat you badly so that you leave your job. 

Examples of it are 

  1. Going on working without a raise or promotion
  2. Shifting responsibilities that require less experience
  3. Deliberate withdrawal of development and leadership opportunities 
  4. Lack of coaching/feedback 
  5. No recognition given 

Young employees also have pre-pandemic work experience as their anchor and benefit of finding a job anywhere because of the current job market in the employee’s favour. As the world is resetting to the new normal, the work is hybrid or flexible work models are implemented it can deliver great outcomes for the business.

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