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Knowing All About Permits and Visa Application

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


UAE Laws, UAE, Visa, Permit, Immigration

To enter any country a certain number of permissions are required, these permissions are usually granted in the form of visas or entry permits. Unless those are obtained, one is not allowed to cross the borders of the supposed country one wants to visit.

Even UAE has certain such laws in place. To enter into the country one needs to apply for such entry permits/ visas depending on the nature of one’s visit.

There are multiple ways to apply for an entry permit/visa. To apply, you can either use the online portals made widely available or go to the offline centers.

The online portals are available both as websites and mobile apps. The portals are as follows:

E-Channels portal - This site provides services for both individuals and companies , for personal as well as for sponsored level.


Citizens: Citizens can apply for services such as passport services, family book services, Emirates ID services and services for the sponsored as well.

UAE Residents: Residents can apply for services of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, such as visa, residency and Emirates ID services, for themselves and also their sponsored.

GCC Citizens: GCC citizens can apply for services of the Emirates ID, as well as services related to their sponsored.

GCC Residents: GCC residents can apply for services related to entry visas to the country in this category, as well as administer the visa once it is issued.

Visitors: Visitors can apply for services related to entry visas to the country by category, as well as manage the visa after it has been issued.


This system provides services relating to the federal authority for identification and citizenship for establishments.

Administration of the Sponsored: All sponsored related services relating to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship are accessible via the facility account in the system.

Facility services: All facility services related to the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship, such as facility card services and delegate cards, as well as some other services, are made available through the establishment's account in the system.

 To register and start using the system, the facility must have an effective commercial license.

 The website of GDRFA- this website provides multiple services for both individuals and establishments.

For individuals:

Entry permit: they provide services such as issuing entry permits (indlucing work permits) and also prove services relating to sponsorship.

Residents: for residents this site provides services such as visa renewal, data amendment on residency visa, visas for family members and other services.

Citizens: here one can get their passport renewed, get a new passport in case of loss/damage. They also update the family book and issue statements.

For establishments:

They deal with services relating to establishment and representative cards.

GDRFA of Dubai provides a website Amer.ae, through which Dubai nationals and residents can apply for entry permit and residence visa for their families.

Additionally, this site can also be used by visitors to extend their visa upon arrival.

There are mobile apps that can be used for the processes mentioned above:

  1. GDRFA Duba‪i
  2. ICA eChannels
  3. Dubai Now

For UAE permit:

  1. the ICA UAE eChannels
  2. the GDRFA Dubai app

By Kairavi Shah

Pic : Dubai Viral