KSA: Expats Can Now Own Land In Saudi Arabia

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


KSA: Expats Can Now Own Land In Saudi Arabia

Non-Saudis can now apply for a permit to buy a single property on the 'Absher' platform. Expats, who are legal residents, living in Saudi Arabia can now own one property in the Kingdom. The service could be accessed by accessing "My Services" (Khidmaty) on the Absher platform, then entering "Services" and "General Services", and from there to "Application for owning real estate for non-saudis". Expats must meet the following conditions in order to buy property in the Kingdom; they must have a valid and unexpired residency ID, the resident must provide all information about the property along with a copy of the title deed and they must not already own a property in the Kingdom