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Landlords Can Seek Court Intervention for Tenant Contract Violations Under Saudi Ejar

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Pavitra Shetty

Published on January 9, 2024, 11:57:05


Landlords pursue court intervention tenant contract violations

Landlords can pursue court intervention for tenant contract violations under Saudi Ejar as the authority emphasized that the utilization of Ejar for rent payments encompasses all newly established residential rental contracts

The Ejar platform has outlined that landlords have the right to take legal action, including seeking fines if tenants violate the terms of their contracts. According to Ejar, if a tenant refuses to vacate the property after the contract has expired, the landlord can approach the court to impose fines for each day of delay. This is applicable only if the rental contract includes a stipulation regarding fines for delayed vacating.

In response to an inquiry, Ejar explained through its official statement that if the rental contract includes a provision for daily fines, the landlord can claim compensation for each day of delay through the execution court, especially if the contract is an executive document. For non-executive documents, landlords can seek legal recourse by approaching the judiciary.

The Real Estate General Authority recently announced restrictions on financial transactions related to rent payments through the digital channels of the Ejar platform, effective January 15. Approved digital payment channels include Mada or SADAD, using the biller number 153. Ejar emphasized that this move aligns with the decision of the Council of Ministers.

Furthermore, Ejar clarified that digital channels for rent payments are mandatory for all new residential rental contracts. As of January 15, any proof of rent payment outside the designated digital channels using the number 153 will not be considered valid. It's important to note that this directive does not currently extend to commercial rent contracts.

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