Legal Scrutiny Surrounds Prince Harry's US Visa Application Amid Drug Use Lawsuit

The lawsuit seeks to determine whether Prince Harry misrepresented information regarding his drug use on his visa application

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Published on April 12, 2024, 10:43:09


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The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry, is facing legal scrutiny over his US visa application following a lawsuit initiated by The Heritage Foundation.

The lawsuit seeks to determine whether Prince Harry misrepresented information regarding his drug use on his visa application, which could potentially impact his immigration status in the United States.

Joe Biden’s legal team has complied with a court order to submit Prince Harry’s visa documents, marking a significant development in the ongoing legal battle. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) initially declined to release the documents, citing privacy concerns.

However, The Heritage Foundation argues that there is a public interest in revealing whether Prince Harry provided accurate information, given his admissions of drug use in his memoir titled 'Spare.'

In a recent court filing, The Heritage Foundation pointed out Prince Harry’s voluntary admissions of drug use in his memoir, suggesting that such disclosures could have adverse immigration consequences for non-citizens.

Judge Carl Nichols, overseeing the legal proceedings, ruled in March for an in-camera review of Prince Harry's documents to assess whether they should be made public. The court order stated: "Having reviewed the parties' written submissions and heard oral argument on the motions, the court concludes that in camera review is necessary to determine whether the records in dispute come within the scope of the claimed exemptions.”

Prince Harry's memoir provides insight into his experiences with drug use, including magic mushrooms, cocaine, and marijuana. He described using psychedelics as a way to uncover truth and challenge the illusion of daily life, stating, "There was only truth. After the psychedelics wore off my memory of that world would remain: This is not all there is.”

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