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Luxury Watch Theft Case: Defendant Receives Jail Sentence, Ordered to Pay Compensation

NYK Law Firm’s legal team secures conviction in luxury watch theft case

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Ayushi Tripathi

Published on May 22, 2024, 14:02:45


nyk law firm, criminal court dubai, theft cas, legal team

In a major legal triumph, the legal team representing the complainant, spearheaded by NYK Law Firm, achieved a significant victory by securing a conviction in a theft case.

This case, adjudicated in the Criminal Court of Dubai, centered on the theft of a high-value luxury watch. The defendant was guilty of exploiting the absence of the property owner to steal the watch during an evening gathering.

Throughout the trial, the complainant's legal team demonstrated exceptional skill and knowledge, meticulously presenting evidence and expert testimonies that convincingly established the defendant's guilt.

NYK Law Firm’s lawyers argued persuasively, underlining the premeditated nature of the theft and the defendant's possession of the stolen item. Their ability to dissect and counter the defendant's arguments was pivotal.

The defense suggested that someone else might have placed the watch in the defendant's bag, but this claim was effectively dismantled by the complainant's legal representatives through strategic questioning and presentation of irrefutable forensic evidence.

The Judgment reflected the rigorous effort and deep legal understanding of the complainant's team, underscoring their role not only in securing justice for their client but also in demonstrating the strength of the legal system.

The defendant was sentenced to imprisonment, deportation and has also reserved the right of the complainant to claim compensation.

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