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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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There is no better guide than a scholarship program for a high school graduate to continue studying if financial support is a concern. In this case, the Massar program provides what many students look for, usually a job opportunity and the economic aid needed to match that job qualifications.

This article will shed light upon the conditions under which an individual can apply for the Massar program. At the same time, it highlights the consequences that may occur in case of breach of the terms given under the program.

What is Massar Program

The Massar Program is a cabinet resolution that came into being in 2010 under the guidance of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.

The Massar system aims to attract and sponsor high school graduates who are nationals of the country to obtain a higher academic qualification and provide them with an job opportunity by hiring them in their department to make a career in that field.


The Massar program benefits two parties, the student applying for the scholarship and the agency paying for the academic qualifications. There are a set of rules laid down that determines the applicability of the scholarship program:

  • The Massar program can be applied only if, the scholarship is being provided to complete a specialization that is related to the nature of work and activity of the federal entity sponsoring the scholarship. At the same time, it has to be in line with the student’s actual needs for specialized professional and secure jobs.
  • To avail for the scholarship program, the applicant needs to be a citizen of UAE and have acquired a high school diploma or its equivalent within preceding three years with a minimum of 75% marks.
  • The applicant needs to pass the scholarship tests set by the agency.
  • The program doesn’t benefit a person who is an employee of the agency.
  • Evidence must be provided by the applicant that he/she was never dismissed from an educational institution for disciplinary reasons or due to irregularity in studies without acceptable excuse.

Consequences of breach

Considering that the scholarship program entails a contract between the agency and the awardee for a specific purpose, there are consequences should this purpose not be met due to a breach on either end. These include:

  • If the applicant does not comply with the provisions of this system or the scholarship contract, then the agency providing scholarship is entitled to receive refund of all expenses and financial allocations spent by them during the period of the scholarship.
  • Article (9) of the program enlists the reasons due to which the scholarship authority may decide to terminate the student’s scholarship:
  1. If the student violates the provisions of this system.
  2. If the student fails to study without an excuse accepted by the scholarship authority.
  • As per article 10 of the program, the scholarship authority is obligated to appoint the scholarship student to a degree and job suitable for the academic qualification obtained by the student, within the first three months of obtaining the academic qualification.
  • Both the parties that draw benefits from the Massar program are supposed to enter a contract (namely, the scholarship contract) to legalize the agreement made between them. The contract provides with a set of consequences that may arise from the breach of the contract:
  1. Breach caused by the first party (The agency): If the agency fails to fulfil any obligation as per the contract or commits an act forbidden by the contract then the applicant is no longer bound by the terms of the contract. Furthermore, the applicant retains the right to claim compensation for any losses or damages it may have incurred in this case.
  2. Breach caused by the second party (The applicant): If the applicant fails to fulfil any of the obligations imposed on him/her by the agencyduring the course of the scholarship then, the applicant is, by law, responsible for reimbursing all the expenses and financial allocations to the agency.

Massar Scholarship program aims to have more students who are motivated and show willingness to join government offices. Considering that the scholarship given under the Massar program has restrictions, it could be said that candidates willing to work in government offices would ideally be chosen for the scholarship.

In this sense, one could interpret that the scholarship under Massar program is more of a subsidised education for purpose or an incentive program rather an “ideal” scholarship.

By Vansh Tayal

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