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More Opportunities On The Cards : Vinod

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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Welcoming 2022 with Hope

By Srinivasan Nandagopal

There is little doubt that the pandemic has fundamentally changed the world. One of the subsequent boom to the changed world order is a revolution of sorts in the digital sphere. Right from online classes for kindergarten kids to the ‘work from home’ approach of the corporates, it is the digital platforms that have become the order of the day. The insurance sector is not in isolation to this phenomenon. 
Being in the sector for the past 12 years, Vinod P N opines that there will be more opportunities in the cards for talent and experts in all the sectors including the Insurance sector in the coming year, thanks to the proactive approach of the Federal Government. Working as a Corporate Relationship Manager at Wehbe Insurance Services LLC, Dubai and an active member of BNI, he is a bit apprehensive regarding the new variants of the Virus but confident that economy will soar in the time to come. 

Excerpts from the interview of Vinod P N with The Law Reporters.

The Law Reporters : Looking back for almost two years, how do you assess the present scenario? 
Vinod P N : The situation is definitely little alarming but things are falling in place as we head towards a condition of neo normalcy. The advent of new variants is creating more uncertainties across all sectors. However, chances are that it will not last long and due course of time, we can expect the best on the table.

TLR : With a string of people friendly measures and Legal provisions accorded by the rulers of UAE, how do you see the growth prospects in the economy as we enter into the new year. 
VPN : UAE is blessed with very focused leadership and support system. Basics are in place. As we go forward, things are sure to brighten up and people are very confident to execute their plans. 

TLR : With the global focus on UAE which is at its Golden Year, what is in-store in 2022?  
VPN : Will be very positive. Inviting global talents, identifying experts, new changes in Visa systems, change in weekends matching global work schedules, support system from the government entities and many other factors will provide a big room for various industries, which will land up more opportunities in 2022 and naturally economy will see high note.

TLR : Your message to the general populous. 
VPN : Stick to your basics and wait for the right opportunity without pressing the panic button.