Motorists Warned: Dh400 Fine, 4 Black Points for Violating Road Rules in Abu Dhabi

Police highlight five critical rules that drivers should follow to ensure a safe entry onto the roads

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Published on June 3, 2024, 15:33:59


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To enhance road safety in the emirate, Abu Dhabi Police have employed 3D CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) technology to educate and remind drivers of essential safety practices when entering roads.

By leveraging this technology, the authorities aim to reduce accidents and ensure smoother traffic flow. The Abu Dhabi Police have highlighted five critical rules that drivers should follow to ensure a safe entry onto the roads:

Slow Down When Approaching Road Entrances: Reduce your speed as you near a road entrance. This allows extra time to assess the situation and respond to any unforeseen events.
Use Side Warning Signals: Properly using turn signals is crucial for communicating your intentions to other road users. This practice helps prevent misunderstandings and potential collisions.
Be Cautious of Parked Vehicles: If there is a vehicle ahead of you or parked near the road entrance, slow down. Parked vehicles can obstruct your view, making it harder to see oncoming traffic or pedestrians.
Give Priority to Vehicles on the Main Road: Always yield to vehicles on the main road. These vehicles have the right of way, and failing to give them priority can lead to dangerous situations.
Ensure the Road is Clear: Before entering a road, double-check to make sure it is free of approaching vehicles. This final check is crucial in preventing accidents.


Adhering to these safety guidelines can significantly reduce accidents and enhance overall road safety. However, drivers who fail to follow traffic rules will be penalised according to UAE laws.

  •  Entering a road without ensuring it is clear: Dh400 fine and 4 black points.
  •  Entering a road dangerously: Dh600 fine and 6 black points.

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