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New Law: Kuwait Imposes Travel Ban on Expatriates Convicted of Financial Crimes

The directive seeks to tackle the rising issue of unpaid fines among expatriates, ensuring court-issued penalties are adhered to

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Published on June 3, 2024, 14:22:21


kuwait new law, travel ban for expats, finnacial crimes


Kuwait has enacted a new law that imposes travel bans on expatriates convicted of financial crimes, according to Public Prosecutor Counsellor Saad Al Safran. This measure aims to address the growing issue of unpaid fines among foreigners, ensuring they comply with court-imposed penalties.

The decision specifies the circumstances that justify travel bans, such as judgments issued in absentia that involve fines and sentences given in absentia to individuals who were not properly notified.

It also applies to foreigners sentenced in absentia, regardless of notification status, who have filed an appeal within the designated timeframe but are still waiting for a decision. Additionally, individuals who did not file an appeal within the required 27 days from the announcement of the ruling will also face travel restrictions.

Moreover, the directive covers opposition rulings that include a fine penalty, applying to expatriates who have filed an appeal within the given timeframe, even if the appeal is still pending. Conversely, those who have failed to file an appeal within the specified 20-day period from the ruling's issuance will be subject to travel bans.

In-person judgments imposing fines also trigger travel restrictions for expatriates, including those with pending appeals and those who failed to file an appeal within the stipulated timeframe.
However, the directive clarifies that travel bans will be lifted upon full payment of imposed fines. The committee overseeing the collection of criminal fines for the state treasury will implement this decision.

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