New salary rule for five categories of domestic workers

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


UAE announced new regulation requires domestic employers

The UAE has announced a new regulation that requires domestic employers to adhere to a fresh payment policy for five types of domestic workers starting from April 1. Employers should register domestic workers in the wage protection system (WPS). 

The move aims to provide better protection for domestic workers in the UAE who have faced several issues like the mistreatment and unfair compensation over the years.

More than 12,000 violations were found by inspectors, and administrative fines were imposed on employers accordingly. Inform the authorities and seek professional legal advice from the best lawyers in UAE if any employee is mistreated by their employer. 

The five categories under the law are, Private agricultural engineer, Public Relations Officer (PRO), Housekeeper, Personal tutor, and Personal trainer.

Domestic employees are exempt from this WPS rule if they have a pending labor complaint, are unemployed, or have a recorded notice of absence from work.

The other professions include maids, nannies, cooks, drivers, and gardeners. With this new rule, domestic workers must now receive their salaries electronically via bank transfer or any other electronic platform under this rule. To enhance the welfare of domestic workers in the UAE, the government has enacted a regulation prohibiting cash payments to employees by employers.

The law is regarded as a significant improvement in labour practices in the country since it also requires better accommodation quality than most contracts presently offer. In addition, bosses must accept immediate medical aid for ill staff and give sufficient time off through regular days off and eligibility for annual or sick leaves. 

The new law ensures that these employees receive both weekly days off and paid annual leave while offering protection against physical or sexual abuse from their employers. Furthermore, increased awareness of these issues has been achieved by educating people about these newfound workers' rights.

Many domestic workers in the UAE still endure exploitation and abuse, including long working hours, low pay, and subpar living conditions, despite these efforts. A big step in addressing these problems and ensuring that domestic employees are treated with respect and dignity is the new salary payment rule.

The new salary payment rule for domestic workers in the UAE is a positive development that will help protect the rights and welfare of these vulnerable workers.

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