Nod for State Information and Documents Protection Law Amendment in Bahrain

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Published on March 11, 2024, 17:37:06


Nod for State Information and Documents Protection Law Amendment in Bahrain


Employees in entities where the state owns more than 50 per cent of the capital, or contributes to its management, are now officially considered civil servants. The Shura Council members unanimously voted in favour of Royal Decree 14/2023, which amends the 2014 State Information and Documents Protection Law, during their session yesterday.

The purpose of this amendment is to strengthen the protection of state information and documents. Last Tuesday, Members of Parliament also unanimously approved the decree during their weekly session. The decree, issued in September of the previous year, was prompted by an urgent request from the Cabinet.

According to the decree, individuals deemed responsible must safeguard documents, ensuring they are protected against tampering, loss, or damage, and must refrain from disclosing information to external parties. Additionally, all electronically stored information and documents must have copies saved in a national data center offering secure cloud storage services. Furthermore, all national databases will be interconnected with this center, enabling immediate updates to information and documents.

Dr Ali Al Rumaihi, Chairman of the Shura Council's Foreign Affairs, Defense, and National Security Committee, emphasised that broadening the scope of responsibility would enhance information and document protection. "We are in a time where every precaution must be taken, given the escalating cyberthreats and cybercrimes," he said.

"The level of responsibility has increased significantly, with officials in state-owned enterprises now included to ensure enhanced security," he added.

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