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Over 1,300 Companies in UAE Fined up to Dh100,000 for Violating Emiratisation Rules

Penalties were imposed on 1,379 firms found to have unlawfully employed 2,170 UAE nationals

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Published on May 17, 2024, 15:50:59


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More than 1,300 companies in the UAE have faced fines ranging from Dh20,000 to Dh100,000 for breaching Emiratisation regulations, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) revealed on Friday.

Between mid-2022 and May 16, 2024, these penalties were imposed on 1,379 firms found to have unlawfully employed 2,170 UAE nationals.

Private enterprises in the nation are mandated to progressively boost their Emirati workforce by two per cent annually, aiming to achieve a minimum of 10 per cent by 2026.

According to the ministry, the current count stands at over 97,000 Emiratis employed across approximately 20,000 private companies, based on data collected during the aforementioned period.

Regular inspections are conducted to ensure adherence to these regulations. Since the enforcement of these rules, hundreds of companies have been identified for non-compliance, resorting to illicit hiring practices to evade targets.

Emiratisation is deemed deceptive when it is confirmed that a UAE national occupies a nominal position devoid of substantive responsibilities solely to meet Emiratisation quotas. Some entities engage in 'rehiring' Emiratis to manipulate data.

In addition to substantial fines of up to Dh100,000, offenders are referred to the Public Prosecution. Certain entities face downgrading to the lowest rating within the MoHRE system, while others are obligated to make financial contributions towards Emiratisation initiatives.

"The ministry is committed to addressing any detrimental practices aimed at subverting Emiratisation obligations, employing robust measures in accordance with the law," stated the ministry.

Residents are encouraged to report any violations of labour regulations by contacting 600590000, or utilising the MoHRE app or website.

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