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Overstaying and Absconding Visitors on UAE Visit Visas: Fines for Travel Agencies

When visitors overstay or abscond, travel agencies incur financial penalties and face operational difficulties

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Pavitra Shetty

Published on May 28, 2024, 13:38:13


overstaying in uae, visit visa holders need to carry money, abscounding cases

Travel agencies in the UAE are grappling with significant fines and operational hurdles due to visitors who overstay their visit visas or abscond. Travel executives have highlighted that many visitors are unaware that the 10-day grace period for overstaying has been removed, leading to unintentional violations.

Stricter Entry Regulations

In response to a surge in overstaying and absconding visitors, authorities at Dubai Airports have implemented stricter entry regulations. When visitors overstay or abscond, travel agencies incur financial penalties and face operational difficulties.

Misunderstanding the Grace Period

A primary reason for visitors overstaying is the misconception about the grace period. Many visitors believe they have a 10-day grace period beyond their visa's expiry date. However, this grace period was removed last year, yet many remain in denial.

Financial Complications

Unforeseen financial difficulties can also lead to visitors overstaying. Some face unexpected financial challenges during their stay, making it difficult for them to return home on time. Additionally, Dubai’s attractions entice visitors to extend their stay without considering the legal repercussions.

Job Hunting

Job hunting is another common reason for overstaying. Visitors captivated by Dubai’s opportunities often apply for jobs and await interview calls, neglecting their visa status. They overstay hoping for employment, which places them in a legal quandary.

Penalties for Travel Agents

Travel agents face severe consequences when visitors overstay or abscond. When a visitor doesn’t report to the travel agent after visa expiry, the travel agency faces substantial fines and penalties.

Travel agencies must pay a fine of Dh2,500 to authorities for each absconding case. Additionally, the agency’s visa quota is reduced, affecting its ability to operate efficiently.

Absconding Fines

Visitors who overstay illegally face hefty fines. To withdraw an absconding case, a series of processes must be followed. Absconding visitors can get the status removed by paying a minimum Dh2,000 fine, along with penalties for the overstay and additional administration and exit fees.

These expenses can become overwhelming for both visitors and travel agencies. The minimum fine of Dh2,000 can increase to Dh5,000 when additional fees are included.

Travel Agents’ Appeal

Travel agents are urging visitors to be aware of the legal implications of overstaying their visas. While Dubai remains an attractive destination, travelers must respect visa regulations and avoid overstaying.

Proper planning and adherence to visa regulations are essential to avoid legal complications and financial penalties.

As per the latest news, visit visa holders are urged to carry Dh3,000 in cash or credit, return tickets and proof of stay, as failure to meet these requirements has resulted in passengers being barred from boarding flights or stranded at airports.  

As highlighted in the previous article, these issues, along with overstaying and absconding, create significant fines and operational challenges for travel agencies.

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