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Pakistani Teenager Who Went Missing Three Weeks Ago Found Dead in Ajman

Recent months have witnessed several instances of teenagers going missing in the UAE

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Published on May 3, 2024, 15:34:50


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Ibrahim Muhammad, the 17-year-old Pakistani teenager who disappeared almost three weeks ago following a disagreement with his mother, has tragically been found dead. As the elder of two sons, his mother tearfully confirmed the devastating news delivered by Ajman Police, stating, "Today, I was summoned to identify his body. It was indeed him.

My heart has shattered into countless pieces," she told local media. She revealed that his body was found near Al Khor Tower in Ajman. The family had filed a missing person report, and Ibrahim's father had made an impassioned plea for his safe return.

Expressing the rollercoaster of emotions she endured, Ibrahim's mother said: "I have been oscillating between hope and despair. We received reports of possible sightings in Sharjah on numerous occasions recently, and each time I rushed there in anticipation.

However, they all turned out to be false alarms. Every morning, I woke up with the hope of my son's return, but today, my worst nightmares have become reality. No mother should endure such anguish."

Missing Cases on the Rise

Ibrahim's disappearance follows the case of another 17-year-old from Pakistan who went missing in Sharjah on April 14 but was reunited with his family after five days. The boy's father explained that he had sent his son to fetch a carpenter, but he never returned. The circumstances surrounding his return remain ambiguous as his father opted not to disclose details for privacy reasons.

Recent months have witnessed several instances of teenagers going missing in the UAE, underscoring the difficulties encountered by young individuals and their families. Just last month, a French teenager who vanished in Sharjah was located in the desert not far from her residence.

Similarly, a Sharjah teenager with autism disappeared from a shopping mall and was found 18 kilometres away at Dubai Airport, thanks to the alertness of an Indian passenger. In December, an 11-year-old boy disappeared from Arabian Ranches, triggering an extensive search operation involving drones and search dogs. He was eventually located late at night.

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