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Passport Renewal Process, Cost and Documents for Indians in the UAE.

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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If an NRI in the UAE wishes to get their passport renewed, they need not to go the passport center and fill out paperwork. The Indian Embassy’s Passport Seva service allows individuals to perform the complete passport renewal process online. One has to fill out the registration form, and after signing it, submit it to the BLS International Centre – the agency that processes applications for Indian visas and passports. 

Step-by-step online process

1. Go to https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in/ and click on the “Africa and Middle East Category” under the region you are residing in. Then select UAE.

2. Select ‘Register – Register to apply for passport services.’ If you have an account with the Passport Seva portal, log in. If not, then create an account.

3. After having logged in, select ‘Register – Register to apply for passport services’ again.

4. You will be asked the following: 
(i) Passport type: Fresh passport or passport reissue. Chose ‘passport reissue’ to renew the passport.
(ii) Reissue reason: You may write the reason as the expiry of validity duration.
(iii) Type of application: Normal or tatkal (fast-tracked/urgent).
(iv) Type of passport booklet – 36 or 60 pages.

1. You will then be asked to fill in the following details: first name, surname, gender, if you have ever changed your name if you have any aliases, date, and place of birth, marital status, citizenship of India by registration/naturalization, descent, or birth. Optionally you may also enter your PAN number or Voter ID. Further, you will be asked about employment type and education.

2. For minors, you may be asked if either parent is a government servant. For adults, whether your spouse is a government servant. Whether the applicant is eligible for the non-ECR (non-Emigration Check Required) category – yes or no. Non-ECR applies to people who have passed 10th grade and have higher education. They will not require an emigration check to work in some countries.

3. If you have a visible distinguishable mark, you will have to describe it. Finally, agree to the terms and conditions, and click on next. 

4. The next section will ask for family details such as parents/legal guardians’ full names, and/or spouse’s full name. In case applying for a minor, enter your parents' or guardians’ passport numbers. For non-Indians, specify nationality.

5. Then enter address details as printed on passport, which is: house no., village town or city, district, nearest police station, state. 

6. Add email address and mobile phone number.

7. Enter your emergency contact’s details which include their mobile number, email, and address.

8. Enter previous passport number, date of issue, expiry date, and place of issue.

9. The final section will be “other details” which will have questions about whether you have any criminal proceedings, have been convicted in an Indian court, ever denied or refused a passport, applied for or granted foreign citizenship, and if you have returned to India on an emergency out-pass.

After reviewing and verifying the application details, click “submit.”Once the online application form has been submitted, you are required to print out a physical copy of it and submit it in person at the BLS International Services Customer Centre, and then sign the application form in the presence of a BLS International Services Customer Service officer.

Documents required at the BLS Centre:
• Original passport copy
• UAE Residence visa page copy
• Two clear passport photos

The BLS requirements for the passport photos are:
51mm X 51mm (maximum 3 months old, no uniform) on white background. You must be wearing dark clothes, and no shadows should be cast on the face or the neck. There shouldn’t be reflections on the glasses either. 

Cost: The cost for passport renewal as stated by BLS is Dh265 for a 36-page passport and Dh380 for a 60-page passport. This cost structure is for adults.

Time taken: The passport renewal process may take up to 30 days. In case of an urgent medical emergency or a demise in the family, one may opt for the “Tatkal” service which allows the process to be fast-tracked such that you get your passport renewed in 2 working days. You have to book a prior appointment with BLS if you wish to avail Tatkal service. Further, the cost is also higher.

For any enquiries or information, contact info@thelawreporters.com or call us on +971 52 644 3004