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Pay Dues - Lift Travel Ban, Release Frozen Bank Funds

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Shulka S. Chavan

Published on January 18, 2024, 17:57:00


UAE introduced new automated system allowing

The UAE has introduced a new automated system, allowing for the seamless lifting of travel bans and the release of frozen bank funds upon the full payment of outstanding dues.
This minimises the need for individuals to gather proof of payment and cancellation documents, simplifying the process by reducing the involvement of enforcement officers and judges.
In cases where travel bans have been imposed, respondents can easily download a copy of the cancellation decision through a smart app, allowing them to proceed with their travel plans.
Similarly, for arrest warrants or seizure orders on personal assets and bank accounts, respondents can present a physical copy of the cancellation to have the imposed decision lifted.
Additionally, this new system provides automatic notifications to judges and officers through a digital platform, ensuring efficient follow-ups and monitoring of the respondent's case.
“This groundbreaking system introduced by the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department is a positive development that aligns with global trends in leveraging technology for legal advancements. It has the potential to significantly enhance the ease of navigating legal procedures related to travel bans and frozen bank funds, ultimately benefiting both individuals and the legal system as a whole,” Sunil Ambalavelil, a senior lawyer in Dubai told The Law Reporters.
“The automatic notifications to judges and officers through a digital platform are a crucial element for efficient case management. This ensures timely follow-ups and monitoring of respondents’ cases, contributing to the overall effectiveness of the legal system,” said Vaisak Unnikrishnan, a legal expert and head of the Litigation Department at NYK Law Firm in Dubai.

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