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Prison time for a woman who permanently disabled her roommate in an assault

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Following heated dispute Arab woman found guilty attacking

Following a heated dispute, an Arab woman was found guilty of attacking her roomate and she was sentenced to one year in prison for her crime.After a disagreement regarding borrowed money emerged between the victim and the suspect, the victim reportedly filed a report with the police alleging that she had been assaulted by her roommate. 

According to the records of the police department, the victim stated that her roommate had assaulted her. She stated that the second individual began belittling her and assaulting her.The victim claimed that she was caught aback by the assault, which resulted in several injuries to her body.

According to the report written by the forensic doctor, the victim suffered multiple wounds in the face, including distortion and deviation of the nasal septum. This type of injury results in a permanent handicap that is approximately 10% as severe. The victim was unable to carry out her job duties for a period that exceeded twenty days as a direct result of the incident.

During the investigation, the accused confessed to beating the victim as a result of a disagreement regarding finances that had arisen between the two of them. However, the accused stated that it was not her intention to leave the victim with a permanent impairment. After she has finished completing her term, she will be deported.

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