Public Prosecution Completes Crime Classification and Criminal Legislation Digitisation Project

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Published on March 22, 2024, 11:31:53


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The UAE Public Prosecution has successfully concluded its ambitious project, "Classification of Crimes and Digitisation of Criminal Legislation within the Criminal Case Management System."

This pioneering initiative involved the conversion of legal texts into a digital format compatible with information systems, leveraging advanced artificial intelligence (AI) techniques for comprehension and execution.

Aligned with the visionary leadership's directives, the project aimed to harness human and institutional capabilities for attaining a prominent position in digital transformation.
A specialised workforce comprising 30 prosecutors and seven technicians from the Information Technology Department played a pivotal role in this endeavour. Collectively, they devoted an impressive total of 3,821 working hours to meticulously scrutinise, individualise and encode laws into the newly developed system.

This rigorous process resulted in the digitisation of over 17 federal laws and the detailed classification of 32,000 criminal charges, encompassing a wide range of acts, penalties and legal circumstances.

Furthermore, the project is poised to enhance the speed, efficiency and transparency of the penal system through the integration of modern technologies. It will propel the ongoing evolution of digital systems and judicial processes, reinforcing the UAE's status as a global hub and a leading digital governance model.

The Public Prosecution emphasised that the project will streamline tasks and procedures, reducing bureaucratic obstacles by enabling electronic systems to function autonomously. It also aims to automate electronic communication with strategic partners and simplify searches within legal frameworks.

The initiative is expected to establish a benchmark for future legislation, aligning with the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies.

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