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Qatar's General Tax Authority Introduce New Services

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Qatar's General Tax Authority Introduces New Services

Qatar's General Tax Authority Introduce New Services

The General Tax Authority of Qatar intends to ease the process of taxpaying, with faster and more accessible systems for the taxpayers. The Authority has announced new services under the mission to achieve Qatar 2030 vision through which tax procedures have been significantly simplified. Among the new services is an Objection service, which will allow taxpayers to file objections to General Tax Authority decisions.

They also include an appeal service, allowing taxpayers to file grievances against General Tax Authority decisions before the two Tax Grievance Committees. In addition, an Income Tax service will be launched, allowing for the download and upload of relevant Excel files.

It will allow taxpayers to download and upload an excel file containing the data and
information needed for certain tax declaration items. They are difficult to enter directly on the Dhareeba Portal's tax declaration form.

A ‘Suggestions and Complaints’ service will be launched as well and will enable taxpayers and member of the public to submit complaints and suggestions, as well as filing suspected tax evasion reports.

A Financial Transaction History service will also be launched and will enable taxpayers and the General Tax Authority to view a detailed statement of all financial tax transactions regarding all the various amounts owed, paid amounts and refunds.

There will be a new Excisable Goods Export/Re-Export service that will allow the Designee to notify the Authority of their intention to export or re-export specific goods in order to later submit a refund application. A Damaged Selective Goods Refund Notice Service will also be introduced, allowing a Designee to submit a notice about damaged or lost selective goods via the Dhareeba Portal. A Damaged/Lost Excisable Goods Refund service will be launched, allowing a Designee to apply for a refund of the selective tax paid for the damaged or lost selective goods for which the damaged or lost goods notification. 

There will be the introduction of an Intermediary Excise Goods Refund service. It will allow Designees who have registered for selective tax to request a refund of selective tax paid on selective goods used in the production of other taxable selective goods.

A Special ET Refund–Diplomat service will be launched, which will allow diplomatic and consular authorities, international organizations, and heads and members of diplomatic and consular authorities certified by the State to apply for a refund of selective tax paid for selective goods. All the required transactions of remittence, reimbursement and others, can be transacted through the Dhareeba Portal.