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QICDRC Announces New Practice Guide to Enhance Dispute Resolution Processes

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


new Practice Guidance aimed assisting people avail Courts

A new Practice Guidance aimed at assisting people who avail the Court's services has been released by the Qatar International Court and Dispute Resolution Centre (QICDRC).  The modified framework that reflects the Court's processes and practices acts as a critical point of reference in the new set of regulations. The QICDRC hopes to improve its operations and provide efficient and effective dispute resolution services through this effort.

The QICDRC's Practice Guidance encompasses essential procedures that form the core of the Court's operations. It offers comprehensive instructions on the main aspects of the dispute resolution process, such as witness evidence, disclosure, bundles, skeleton arguments, chronologies and dramatis personae, and appeals. By providing standardized directions, the Court facilitates a predictable progression of legal cases in which the people are involved.

Acknowledging its position as a prominent center for commercial law practice in the region, the QICDRC has made the Practice Guidance easily accessible to all stakeholders. The document is available on the Court's official website in English and Arabic. It ensures a convenient approach for legal professionals, litigants, and other interested individuals. This transparent approach aligns with the Court's commitment to upholding globally recognized finest practices and fostering the rule of law.

Given the diverse backgrounds of legal professionals and judges engaging with the QICDRC, each with its own legal action and judicial practices. The Practice Guidance acts as a unifying framework. By establishing standardized procedures, the Court's mission is to improve its practices and deliver consistent, efficient, and high-quality dispute resolution services. The direction will empower parties to navigate the legal process more effectively, resulting in fair and expedited resolutions of civil and commercial disputes.

The release of the Practice Guidance by the QICRDC marks an essential milestone in the Court's ongoing efforts to impart effective and good-quality dispute resolution services.

These guidelines will improve the valuable resource for people seeking resolution through the QICDRC. It further enhances its reputation as a leading institution for commercial law practice in the region.

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