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Regulations for electric scooters in UAE

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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E-scooter dealers are gaining huge profits as many residents are turning to a combination of public transport and e-bikes for their home-to-office commutes as petrol prices hiked over recent months.
E-scooters have become an increasingly popular mode of transport as it is an inexpensive way to travel and tackles the weather or to quickly get to and from metro stations but several e-bike riders were involved in major accidents due to their negligence along with non-compliance with traffic rules but it has also led to a lot of traffic congestion.

New rules have thus been formulated for e-scooters by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) to keep riders and pedestrians safe as well as to ease congestion on roads on a trial basis in October 2020. After successful trials, the government has launched these operational laws for e-scooters in Dubai.
Here’s all you will need to know these rules and regulations to make the e-scooter ride safe. 

Locations for Using E-Scooter -
As per the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), the e-scooters in Dubai are permitted in five locations, including Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard, Dubai Internet City, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Al Raqqa and 2nd December Street. They further extended it to areas such as Al Rigga, Palm Jumeirah, Al Mankhool, Al Qusais, Al Karama and City Walk.

Driving Licence Permit for E-Scooter – 
As per the new resolution approved by H.H Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed, Crown Prince of Dubai, e-scooter riders must have a driving licence from the Roads and Transport Authority to drive two-wheelers in Dubai.

Minimum Age for E-Scooter Riding
Cyclists must be at least 16-years-old to ride an e-scooter in Dubai. Cyclists under 12 must be accompanied by an adult aged 18 or above.

Three basic rules for E- Scooter riders – 
Reflective vests and helmets are compulsory. They must maintain a safe distance from other vehicles as well as pedestrians. They must dismount the e-scooter while crossing any pedestrian crossings.

Riding and Parking for E-Scooter
E-scooters can be ridden and parked only on RTA’s designated tracks and parking spaces. They should not be used on jogging or walking tracks.

Speed Limit for E-Scooter
Riders are prohibited from riding e-scooters on pedestrian tracks and on roads with a speed limit of over 60km per hour.

Other technical requirements
E-Bikes should be fitted with a white headlamp in the front, a red lamp along with a red reflector in the rear, a bell on the steering wheel with brakes on the front as well as rear tyres. Helmets and reflective vests are compulsory for riders of e-bikes.

Pillion riders – 
Pillion riders on an e-scooter are prohibited.

Report of accidents
Riders should report the incident to the police, RTA or ambulance services depending on the nature of the accident.

Rules About Penalty -
Failure to follow any of the laws and regulations may lead to confiscation of a bike for a month or a temporary ban and if a biker is under 18, penalties must be paid by parents or custodian.
The authorities have made this move in an effort to transform the city into a bicycle-friendly city where people can commute safely and promote environment-friendly modes of transport, reduce road traffic congestion and ensure the safety of the community.

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