Rental Disputes Centre Signs Deal with Tarahum Charity Foundation

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Published on March 11, 2024, 17:23:55


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Rental Disputes Centre (RDC), the judicial arm of Dubai Land Department (DLD), has inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Tarahum Charity Foundation to strengthen their strategic partnership in community and charitable endeavours.

Aligned with the commitment to realise the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, the collaboration aims to provide support to citizens and residents dealing with rental issues and judicial rulings.

The agreement between the two parties aligns with the UAE’s directives to foster partnerships between the public and private sectors and enhance cooperation in areas of mutual interest.

The MoU was signed by Judge Abdulqader Mousa Mohammed, Chairman of the Rental Disputes Centre at Dubai Land Department, and Osama Ibrahim Seddiqi, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tarahum Charity Foundation.

The signing ceremony was attended by Eng. Marwan bin Ghalita, CEO of the Real Estate Regulatory Agency at the Dubai Land Department, Judge Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Anwahi, President of ‘Yadul Khair’ committee and Mohammad Al Mulla, Deputy Director General of Tarahum Charity Foundation.

Judge Abdulqader Mousa Mohammed said: “The Rental Disputes Centre is steadfast in its mission to provide aid and support to families facing rental disputes. Our partnership with the Tarahum Charity Foundation marks a crucial stride in realising our vision, aligning with the directives of our esteemed leadership to strengthen collaboration between the government and private sectors in pursuit of the emirate’s goals.

We are pleased with this partnership and anticipate further enhancing the role and impact of the ‘Yadul Khair’ committee within the RDC, embodying the humanitarian ethos that defines Dubai.”

As outlined in the memorandum, the collaboration aims to define a framework and parameters for the partnership between the two entities, with the goal of realising their vision, strategic goals, and satisfying stakeholders. This involves fostering cooperation through community involvement, as well as promoting and advertising shared ventures through suitable media channels and effective methods.

Osama Ibrahim Seddiqi said: “The memorandum of understanding aims to establish an institutional partnership with steady steps and clear visions to serve and assist individuals facing rental issues and judicial rulings in Dubai.”

He emphasised that the joint effort aims to assist humanitarian cases affected by rental lawsuit issues and resulting judicial rulings from the Rental Disputes Centre. He also underpinned that this memorandum would serve as a beacon of hope for struggling families to start a new life, bringing happiness back to them.

He also highlighted the role of RDC in achieving precise and speedy justice, providing both judicial and humanitarian services and promoting tolerance in UAE society through an integrated judicial system focused on consolidating a secure real estate environment, underscoring that the Tarahum Charity Foundation greatly prioritises assisting all segments of society, considering it a top priority.

Judge Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Anwahi affirmed that this initiative aims to support humanitarian cases affected by rental disputes in Dubai and alleviate their burden during the holy month of Ramadan. He emphasised that the RDC handles many humanitarian cases, which the centre prioritises over material concerns in line with the law and ethos of Dubai.

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