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Saudi Arabia Begins Enforcement of Penalties for Performing Haj Without a Permit

Hefty penalties will be slapped on anyone who is caught without a Haj permit

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Published on June 3, 2024, 14:17:59


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The Ministry of Interior has begun enforcing penalties against those who violate Haj rules and regulations, starting from Sunday, June 2. Fines amounting to SR10,000 will be imposed on Saudi citizens, expatriates, and visitors caught entering Makkah without a Hajj permit during the period ending on Dhul Hijjah 14, corresponding to June 20.

Penalties will apply to individuals found without a Hajj permit within Makkah's holy city, the Central Haram Area, the Holy Sites of Mina, Arafat, and Muzdalifah, the Haramain train station in Rusayfah, security control centers, pilgrims' grouping centres, and temporary security control centres. Regardless of nationality or legal status, penalties will be imposed on those who breach the ministry's regulations and instructions.

The Ministry of Interior recently announced it will double fines for repeat violators, potentially reaching up to SR100,000. Expatriate violators will face deportation and a ban on reentering the Kingdom in accordance with specified legal periods.

Anyone caught transporting Haj regulation violators may face up to six months' imprisonment and a maximum fine of SR50,000. Penalties may also include vehicle confiscation and deportation of the transporter after serving their sentence and paying fines if they are expatriates.

Fines will escalate based on the number of violators transported. The ministry's directive aims to facilitate Haj pilgrims' rituals at the Grand Mosque in Makkah comfortably.

Seasonal administrative committees at Makkah's entry points are responsible for handling cases of illegal Haj pilgrim transportation. Field control agencies will transfer violators transporting citizens and expatriates without Haj permits to these committees, which will examine violations and issue administrative decisions and penalties.

Meanwhile, Public Security has begun enforcing Haj regulations and instructions for holders of visit visas, resulting in the arrest of over 20,000 visa holders. This is due to violations stipulating that holders of visit visas must not remain in Makkah.

Public Security emphasises that visit visas of all types do not permit Haj participation. Visitors holding any visit visa type are urged not to travel to or remain in Makkah from May 23 until Dhul-Hijjah 15, corresponding to June 21.

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