Scammers Target UAE Residents via WhatsApp Groups Promising Daily Earnings of Dh10-300

These groups promised individuals the opportunity to earn a 'passive income' by completing easy tasks

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Published on June 1, 2024, 13:14:34


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Have you been added to random WhatsApp groups offering part-time tasks to earn extra money? Beware, you might be on the brink of getting scammed.

The latest scam involves creating WhatsApp groups to lure people into performing supposed online tasks, such as liking YouTube posts, under the promise of earning passive income.

It all starts with a seemingly innocent message from an anonymous sender on WhatsApp: "Are you interested in a part-time job? This job is very simple... We pay Dh10-Dh30 per task."

To convince people of the legitimacy, some users with the same area code as the host have posted images of their bank transfers showing a Dh30 payment.

They wrote: "I received the payment, this is real!" Another commented, "I heard from the receptionist that there are 25 task orders every day – not bad." "Yes, once you complete all orders for three consecutive days, you can become a regular employee. Regular employees will receive an additional Dh200 for completing all orders, and task commissions will be calculated separately."

Any fraudulent activities must be reported to the authorities immediately. You can reach Dubai Police at the toll-free number 901 or +971 4 203 6341. Additionally, an e-crime online platform is available on their website.

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