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Security chief says UAE doesn't wait for crimes to take place but works to prevent them.

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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Residents must be made aware of cyber security issues, according to the UAE cyber security chief.

Everyone has a responsibility when it comes to security - not just one agency or community. Educating the community is necessary because tips, information, and other channels can be helpful. It is the awareness that can significantly reduce crime rates."

Furthermore, Al Kuwaiti believes that it is important and vital to adopt the latest technologies and communications channels to combat e-crime more effectively and efficiently.

Cybercriminals communicate and interact faster than government agencies around the world, he said.

We must adapt and leverage the best communication channels. The crime rate is on the rise and we won't be able to cope with it effectively without collaboration. Transparency and trust are essential. We cannot solve cases solely by communicating and sending leads, but we can do so by building trust and working together, and that is the most important factor, he added.

As a result of an earlier cyberattack, Al Kuwait revealed that the authority of that country did not know about it until their team came to the UAE and the cyber team briefed them because the attack originated from an external network. It was a win-win situation for all when an attack was resolved."

It takes a proactive approach to deal with crimes, including social media platforms, before they happen, said the head of the UAE cybersecurity on Wednesday.

The UAE's head of cyber security, Mohammed Al Kuwaiti, said his authority cooperates with other governments, as well as with social media platforms, to combat online crimes, including drug trafficking.

On the third day of the Summit, which was attended by thousands of delegates from around the world, Al Kuwaiti spoke on the topic of ‘opening digital avenues for sharing intelligence on illicit drug trafficking.

He added that the city would remain the safest in the world and no illegal activity would be tolerated. With the help of new technologies, we will be able to detect problems by implementing proactive measures.

The team had been able to solve a number of crimes by working closely with social media platforms, Al Kuwaiti explained.

Since our generation lives on social media platforms, we needed social media teams in critical or serious cases, he says.

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