SFDA Fines Firm $133,333 for Tampering with Data on Banned Fish Consignment

The penalty was imposed following a request to inspect an imported shipment of eight types of fish

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Published on June 28, 2024, 12:35:29


saudi fines firm on banned fish consignment


The Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) has fined a firm in the Qassim region SR500,000 ($133,333) for tampering with the data of a fish species prohibited from import into Saudi Arabia, with the intent of selling it in the domestic market.

The SFDA reported that the penalty was imposed following a request to inspect a shipment containing eight types of fish in a warehouse imported from outside Saudi Arabia. During the inspection, officials grew suspicious of one fish variety's name in the consignment, as the data on the label and the customs declaration did not match the apparent appearance of the imported fish.

Consequently, samples were taken and all the fish were sorted, revealing that one of the imported varieties did not correspond with the label. It was identified as river tilapia, a species whose import is banned in the Kingdom.

The SFDA stated that this consignment, weighing approximately two tonnes, was rejected, and the firm was referred to the relevant authorities to complete the necessary regulatory procedures and impose penalties as per the law.

According to the Food Law and its executive regulations, the penalties for this violation amount to a fine of SR500,000, along with preventing or suspending the violator from engaging in any activities related to the Food Law.

The violation pertains to any establishment trading or advertising food or its derivatives that contain prohibited, forbidden, contaminated, or banned substances, either internationally or locally, or if the firm was previously subjected to a trading ban.

The SFDA urged consumers to report any violations in establishments under its supervision by calling the unified number 19999 or through the Tameni application.

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