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Sharjah Police initiates E-Signature service for vehicle registration.

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


electronic signature service car licensing services

The electronic signature service for car licensing services has been activated by Sharjah Police, as represented by the Vehicle Licensing Department. 

The electronic signature service is in line with the strategic objectives of the Ministry of Interior aimed at ensuring the provision of all administrative services following standards of quality, efficiency,  transparency, and enhancing the satisfaction of customers.

This process was intiated to achieve its strategy of offering the best services possible and seeking to develop them in line with customer requirements.

Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Rahman Khater, Head of the Vehicles Registration Department at Sharjah Police stated the e-signature service enables vehicle owners to sign the documents electronically on the Ministry of Interior website.

The e-signature makes it possible to complete transactions involving the export, registration, and transfer of ownership to another without that person being physically present.

The e-signature service targeted people by allowing vehicle owners to sign documents digitally on the Ministry of Interior website by going to Traffic Services, then Digital Services, and then Signing an Agreement. As the signature simplifies transactions relating to the transfer, export, and register of vehicle ownership, activating the digital identity does the same.

Even companies are eligible to use this service. A company can utilize this service by filing a letter of representation allowing one of its members to handle their tasks in the process of registration, renewal, and transfer of ownership of the company's vehicles. The representative can visit any of the following locations: - Heavy Vehicles Testing Centre (Tasjeel) -Industrial Area 12, the police station in Kalba, the police officer in the red patch (car showrooms), Al Dhaid Vehicle Registration Department, and the police station in Al Ruqa Al Hamra and sign the relevant documents.

The Sharjah Police is eager to grow its police system, enhance its offerings, and make the most of its resources to serve the public. Their mission is to provide streamlined administrative processes and offers cutting-edge with the help of highly developed services. It will expedite and simplify tasks, which is beneficial for those interested in buying and selling the vehicles.

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