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She is Here to Assist You: Meet Sama 2.0, World's First AI-powered Cabin Crew

The digital human crew will participate in the upcoming Arabian Travel Market

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Published on April 29, 2024, 14:30:40


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 Attendees of Dubai's Arabian Travel Market (ATM) will have the exciting opportunity to connect with the next generation of the world’s pioneering AI-powered cabin crew. Qatar Airways' Sama 2.0 stands ready to offer real-time assistance, personalised travel recommendations and comprehensive support to travellers, addressing queries ranging from FAQs to destination insights. Experience this innovative digital assistant firsthand during the upcoming event.

The digital human crew will participate in the Dubai World Trade Centre annual exhibition from May 6 to 9, 2024, at the Qatari Airways pavilion in Hall No.2. Qatar Airways’ patrons can engage with Sama 2.0 virtually through the airline’s immersive digital platform QVerse or its dedicated app.

Introduced at ITB Berlin earlier this year, the holographic virtual cabin crew Sama 2.0 continues to revolutionise passenger experiences.
Sama, born out of a collaboration with UneeQ, an innovative AI interface firm based in New Zealand, represents a groundbreaking leap in personalised and efficient service within the aviation industry.

“This marks a significant milestone in advancing the harmonious blend of technology and human interaction – not only for Qatar Airways but for the entire aviation sector,” remarked Babar Rahman, Vice President of Marketing at Qatar Airways.

Sama currently communicates fluently in English, with plans to incorporate Arabic and other languages later this year, catering to the airline's diverse global clientele. Qatar Airways emphasises that Sama employs generative AI powered by Synanim, UneeQ’s cutting-edge real-time animation technology, to deliver engaging conversations.

The airline recently introduced its generative AI-powered travel experience, streamlining and personalising travel planning. This innovative experience utilises immersive visual interactions and an interactive 3D map to understand and accommodate customers’ travel preferences effortlessly.

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