Special Marriage To Be Registered Online : Indian Supreme Court

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:40:59


Indian Supreme Court, Special Marriage

In India, the exercise of freedom to choose your own life partner often comes with a fight. Young couples professing their own partners often find themselves resisting irrational parental pressures, societal stigma, and even fake criminal charges of Kidnapping and Sexual Harassment. Here, having a marriage certificate is crucial in avoiding unnecessary legal societal shackles. Earlier, a division bench of the Punjab and Haryana High Court had allowed the appeal of the couple, stating that marriage could be registered via video conferencing as well and that the same is not in violation of the Special Marriage Act. The state chose to go for a plea against the same, stating that both parties need to physically sign the certificate as entered in the book. The State also averred that the High Court had not considered that the application too needs to be signed by both parties. However, the court dismissed the appeal, stating that the "Law has to march along with technology", and directed the Deputy Commissioner-Cum-Marriage Officer to comply with the HC's direction within 45 days. The SC observed that this law is to facilitate the parties and to not cause obstructions to them. This might come as a huge relief to couples who wish to marry, but were blocked by COVID related restrictions or familial pressures.