Subsequent Marriage Does Not Absolve a Rapist: Delhi High Court

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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The Delhi High Court, India, dismissed a petition seeking the quashing of a First Information Report concerning the rape of a woman, citing that the accused rapist and the victim subsequently married. The accused argued before the court that the woman had lodged the FIR in confusion that he committed a forcible sexual penetrative assault on her after taking her to a Hotel. The allegation against the accused is that he committed rape on her despite her clear lack of consent. Justice Mukta Gupta of the High Court found no ground to quash the FIR merely on the ground of subsequent marriage. This decision comes as a divergent view to certain previous court decisions which had acquitted rape accused on the pretext of marriage.

Cause Title: Gaurav v. State (Govt. NCCT of Delhi) and Anr.