Supreme Committee Reviews Steps to Bolster Consumer Protection, Legislative Framework

UAE is dedicated to creating a stable consumer environment, fostering vibrant markets and adhering to global best practices

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Published on June 6, 2024, 11:53:17


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The Supreme Committee for Consumer Protection, chaired by Abdulla bin Touq Al Marri, Minister of Economy, convened to evaluate its significant accomplishments and endeavours in 2023. The Committee’s pivotal role in enhancing the UAE’s consumer protection system and establishing a robust legislative infrastructure aligned with international best practices was highlighted.

Additionally, the Committee addressed the recent updates concerning Cabinet Resolution No. 120 of 2022, which focuses on regulating the prices of essential consumer goods within the UAE.

The minister affirmed the UAE’s commitment to refining economic policies and legislation aimed at strengthening consumer protection and safeguarding consumer rights. Under the guidance of its wise leadership, the UAE is dedicated to creating a secure and stable consumer environment, fostering vibrant markets, and adhering to global best practices. These focused efforts are designed to improve the quality of life for both citizens and residents, while simultaneously enhancing the growth and competitiveness of the national economy on regional and global scales, in alignment with the vision of ‘We the UAE 2031’.

“The Committee plays a crucial role in advancing the UAE’s national objectives and strategies for consumer rights protection. Through proactive measures, the Committee develops projects and initiatives that promote the adoption of best business practices in the marketplace. It also establishes mechanisms to regulate prices of goods and products, thus ensuring adherence to legislation governing consumer rights protection. These efforts aim to provide consumers with an exceptional purchasing experience and guarantee the availability of sufficient quantities of goods and products to meet their needs,” the minister noted.

The Committee reviewed its notable achievements in 2023, including significant contributions to establishing an integrated consumer protection framework within the UAE. This was achieved through their contribution to the development and revision of a series of relevant legislation and policies, such as Federal Decree Law No. 5 of 2023 amending Federal Law No. 15 of 2020 on Consumer Protection, and its executive regulation issued by Cabinet Decision No. 66 of 2023.

The Committee effectively implemented pricing policies for essential consumer goods based on Cabinet Decision No. 120 of 2022. Additionally, the Committee issued ten recommendations pertaining to this framework, all of which were successfully executed through collaboration with relevant government bodies and authorities.

MoE’s Endeavours to Regulate Prices

In the same context, the Committee reviewed the efforts made by the Ministry of Economy to enhance market monitoring and prevent price manipulation over the past year. The Ministry’s teams conducted over 96,200 inspection visits across all seven emirates, resulting in the identification of 6,645 violations.

Additionally, during the first quarter of 2024, the Ministry carried out 34,067 inspection visits, leading to 1,896 inspections. Throughout 2023, the Ministry received close to 3,000 complaints and over 133,000 recall requests.

The recall service allows for the tracking and withdrawal of defective or hazardous goods from suppliers, concerned parties, or relevant authorities in the country of origin or any other country. The ministry diligently executed measures within the country to safeguard consumer health, safety, and rights, protect the interests of retailers and manufacturers, and ensure market stability within the country.

New Decisions and Policies

The Committee conducted an in-depth discussion on various decisions and policies for the next phase. These discussions emphasised the necessity for effective regulation and organisation to monitor retail traders, goods suppliers and sales outlets for compliance with UAE pricing regulations on consumer goods.

Furthermore, the Committee focused on creating mechanisms and controls for the unit pricing of specific consumer goods and introducing a code of conduct for the consumer goods industry. This code aims to enhance the contractual relationship between sales outlets and suppliers in the country's markets.

Digital Project

The Committee discussed the possibility of launching a new digital project focused on analysing market data to improve control over product and commodity prices. This initiative will involve developing a smart market analysis system and remote monitoring for consumer goods.

These measures will contribute to market surveillance efforts, enable prompt action in response to any identified violations, and facilitate a more streamlined and user-friendly complaint process. By leveraging cutting-edge technological solutions and advanced technologies, this endeavour ensures the protection of consumer rights and enhances the country's market control system.

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