Dubai Courts Introduces New Automated System to Expedite Judicial Procedures

The courts will also accept digital requests to streamline execution procedures and automate administrative decisions

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Published on June 1, 2024, 15:12:30


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Dubai Courts have introduced a new system aimed at reducing the time spent on judicial procedures by welcoming digital requests to optimise execution procedures and automate administrative decisions.

The new Tanfeeth+ system allows enforcement judges to quickly access details about a respondent's assets and seize them for sale if necessary. This eliminates the need for judges to contact various departments, such as property or transport regulators in Dubai, for asset information.

The system will ensure the swift execution of verdicts, according to Dubai Courts. Additionally, the initiative includes integrating with the Ministry of Interior’s database to enforce liberty-restricting orders, travel bans, and asset seizures.

Dr Saif Ghanem Al Suwaidi, director-general of Dubai Courts, described Tanfeeth+ as a comprehensive digital initiative that enhances judicial enforcement efficiency. He highlighted that executing judgements traditionally requires communication with multiple entities. “Now, with Tanfeeth+, we can reduce the time spent on these procedures.”

He also mentioned that federal entities would be included in the next phase of the initiative.
The Digital Writ of Execution seal will facilitate the enforcement of court rulings, allowing petitioners to initiate procedures without visiting service centres.

The system also includes:

  • A ‘Sale Notification System’ to alert court officials about confiscated items for timely sale.
  •  An ‘Automated Cancellation of Enforcement’ that will lift seizures once payments are completed.
  •  An ‘Automated Disbursement System’ to automatically transfer amounts deposited in the enforcement file to the petitioner’s registered bank account.
  • ‘Virtual Bank Accounts’ to enable direct deposits of seized assets into virtual accounts for automatic disbursement to each party.

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