Terror Suspects Plotted Violence, Attack on UAE Territory, State Security Court Hears

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Published on February 9, 2024, 13:06:20


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Individuals affiliated with the banned Muslim Brotherhood clandestinely formed a terrorist group with the aim of carrying out an attack on UAE territory, an Abu Dhabi court heard.

Prosecutors asserted that the 84 defendants facing terrorism charges in the case played significant roles within the group known as the "Justice and Dignity Committee." This organisation aimed to provoke public unrest by coordinating protests and demonstrations against the state, often resulting in violent confrontations with security forces, they said.

The defendants are being tried at the Abu Dhabi Federal Court of Appeal, or the State Security Court.Abu Dhabi Federal Court of Appeal convened to address a significant case involving 84 defendants accused of establishing a clandestine terrorist organisation known as the "Committee for Justice and Dignity."

Prosecutors alleged that the defendants, predominantly associated with the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, conspired to incite violence and unrest within the UAE. The prosecution presented extensive evidence during the session, including technical reports, audiovisual materials, and written documents, highlighting the defendants' purported involvement in orchestrating acts of terrorism on UAE soil.

The court heard detailed accounts of the defendants' alleged activities, which purportedly aimed to sow public dissent through organised protests and violent clashes with security forces.

According to the prosecution, the defendants utilized the "Justice and Dignity Committee" as a front to mobilise support for their extremist agenda, seeking to undermine state authority and stability.

The prosecution emphasised the gravity of the charges, asserting that the defendants were not merely engaged in dissent but actively pursued acts of violence and terrorism against the UAE government. Confessions obtained from the accused were cited as corroborating evidence, consistent with the findings of state authorities' investigations.
It was clarified during the proceedings that this case was entirely separate from a previous legal matter in 2012, with no relation to any retrial. The prosecution reiterated the distinct nature of the charges and underscored the seriousness of the defendants' alleged offenses.

Throughout the session, defense lawyers representing the accused were present, alongside family members of the defendants. The court scheduled the next hearing for February 15, allowing the prosecution to continue presenting its case against the defendants.

Dr Hamad Saif Al Shamsi, the UAE's Attorney-General, played a pivotal role in the proceedings, having referred the defendants, primarily comprising members of the Muslim Brotherhood, to trial for their purported roles in establishing a clandestine organisation aimed at committing acts of violence and terrorism within the UAE.

The case has drawn significant attention, reflecting the UAE government's commitment to combating terrorism and preserving national security. As the trial progresses, it remains a focal point in the ongoing efforts to uphold law and order within the country.

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