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The Dubai Court ordered an Arab director and owner of a company to pay compensation of Dh4,00,000 for the death of employees by electrocution

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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Dubai Court ordered an Arab director who is also the owner of a company selling ornamental fish to pay Dh200,000 each to the families of two employees who died after being electrocuted while installing a fish tank.

Dubai Court Order :

Dubai Court further gave the owner a one-year suspended jail term after finding that the Asian workers were electrocuted inside the owner's Jumeirah villa.

The owner had filed a police report in July, stating another person had told him that the workers had died of electrocution after a cleaning device that was bought to maintain the tank short-circuited.

The forensic reports showed that the accident was caused by a disconnected extension line that supplied electricity to the aquarium's pump and the water became charged with electricity, electrocuting the workers as they touched it.

Dubai Court Judgment:

The forensic reports further showed that the workers did not have adequate tools or training to operate safely in the water and the lack of measures was deemed an oversight on the part of the company, making the owner complicit in the workers' deaths as per the orders of the Dubai court.

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