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The Launch of ‘WE THE UAE 2031’

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


UAErsquos latest Government Annual Meetings held November 2022 initiative titled

In UAE’s latest Government Annual Meetings held on November 22, 2022, an initiative titled ‘We the UAE 2031’ was launched, outlining the nation’s development goals for the next 10 years. Modeled after the ‘UAE Vision 2021’ plan launched in 2010 by the Ruler of Dubai, H.H. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the current plan is set to spur development in social, economic, investment and development aspects.

Strong emphasis is placed on making the UAE a global partner, as well as an attractive and influential economic hub. Additionally, the success of the nation’s economic model is also a point to be highlighted by the plan. With these objects in mind, the four main pillars of ‘We the UAE 2031,’ as outlined on the UAE Government Portal are as follows: -

  • Forward Society, achieved through maximizing the citizens’ contribution to all sectors.
  • Forward Economy, which emphasizes the importance of human capital as the force that drives the plan.
  • Forward Diplomacy, highlighting the nation’s pivotal role concerning its respect for human values; and
  • Forward Ecosystem, focused on enhancing the government’s performance through development in technological methods and digital infrastructure.

The more specific aims of this plan include raising the nation’s GDP, increasing the tourism sector’s contribution, and raising the value of the nation’s foreign trade. A sum of AED 800 billion has also been set as a goal for non-oil exports.

Enhancing the UAE’s position is also one of the key aims, namely in making the UAE number 1 in developing proactive legislation for new economic sectors, ranking the nation among the top 10 countries in the ‘Human Development Index,’ and quality of healthcare. Emirati cities being among the top 10 cities globally in quality of life is also cited as a key aim.

Additional rankings to be achieved by this plan include: -

  • Being among the top 10 countries in attracting global talent.
  • Being first in the safety index.
  • Being among the top 10 countries in the ‘Global Food Security Index; and
  • To be one of the top three countries in the ‘Global Cybersecurity Index.

With the introduction of this new plan, the country can expect due steps to be taken in the aforementioned sectors in accordance with its mission and vision. In the past, the UAE government had launched multiple initiatives to fulfill the goals of ‘UAE Vision 2021,’ such as the ‘Innovative industrial Start-Ups’ initiative intended to boost the UAE’s performance in the Global Innovation Index, the Community Schools Initiative in order to bolster solidarity and implement participation in one’s community, and ‘Diabetic Superheroes,’ that encouraged children to spread awareness about diabetes, its dangers, and prevention - just to name a few of the initiatives that have come out of this plan. Given this track record, the citizens of the UAE can expect further such changes and initiatives in furtherance of the current 2031 plan.

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