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The Platinum Jubilee... India@75

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Platinum Jubliee , India

Gold Glitters, Diamond Shines Brighter but Platinum is most precious. India steps into its Platinum Year of being born as an independent nation and standing tall in the league of nations globally.
What does Independence really mean to Indians, is a question to ponder.
TLR digs into the minds of Indian citizenry which enjoys the greatest of freedom when it comes to expression.
Here is a series that will feature the thoughts of Indians from all strata of society. It's for us to construe their thoughts in the right spirit, rededicating ourselves for the cause of our country to begin with and humanity at large.
After all, it is India that gave the concept of "Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam" - One Universal Family.

Are we truly independent!

As I ponder on the words, independent and independence, as I broach over those words such as secular, democratic and others such as freedom of speech and expression, I once again wonder whether we are referring to our country or some other alien nation.
As we March into the 75th birthday of our nation, can we consider ourselves as a free nation?
Can I walk into a police station and register a complaint against any police officer, MLA, MP or other top bureaucrats without fear for my well-being or that of my family?
Is our country free of the menace of corruption in registering properties or in the regional transport office for the inspection of a car or in getting a driving licence?
Are we free of touts in all government offices who are willing to get your work done fast at a price that is shared between the tout and the government official?
Will we be able to drive across the length and breadth of India with all our vehicle documents perfectly valid and updated without being harassed by the dacoits of the road ( the so-called traffic police )?
Will the police stop harassing the truck drivers who are from out of town?
When will they stop taking their hafta ?

Will big cities be safe for shopkeepers, hoteliers builders and others without paying the blood money which is demanded by the Corporator’s, MLA’s and MP’s of the city?
When will a MLA or an MP wait in a queue for a cinema ticket or wish the bridegroom and bride at a wedding just like other civilised citizens?
When will I get what is due to me from the government without paying a small amount of money as baksheesh or bribe to the concerned official?
When will a road or railway contractor get a work awarded purely on the basis of merit?
I want to see a country which can be free of touts at government offices, wherein every document should be available online, where there are cameras recording all the activities going on and where a person can live without fear of reprisals and hate, without abuse of a law-abiding citizen.
When will we implement a law where goondas and charlatans and people having a case pending against them be barred from fighting elections?
When will we be of reprisals for being a Hindu, Muslim, Christian or Jew?
When will the column religion be obliterated from application forms of all hues?
Oh! Country of mine
When will my country rise above these small petty things into a beautiful paradise wherein every citizen can live in peace and without fear?
I just wonder when this country of mine will truly be independent.

Sumith S Rao

Freelance writer, Entrepreneur and an out of the box thinker