The UAE to Introduce Data Law in Collaboration with Major Tech Players

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00



The New Data Law is one of the key initiatives among the 13 out of the 50 Projects introduced so far, as part of the UAE’s initiative to power the growth for the next 50 years based on the story of the previous 50 years’ growth. This is the first law to be introduced in collaboration with partnership with major technology companies. According to official sources, the law protects personal privacy as well as the private sector's ability to expand, innovate, and succeed. Individuals have the right to be forgotten, as well as the right of access, and better control over their data. The new data law in the United Arab Emirates is one of several digital efforts aimed at preparing the country for the future. The New Data Law is set to empower individuals to control how their data is being used, which is a huge leap towards data protection and privacy in an era where privacy is being invaded by online utilities and essentials which often cannot be used without agreeing to clauses which enable your personal data being snooped upon. The UAE has not had a Data Protection Law at the Federal level yet.