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Traffic fines can now be paid using interest-free instalments!

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


UAE, Dubai, Traffic fines, interest, Islamic Bank. Direct discounts, Central Bank, credit cards

Dubai Police is promoting its first international smart fines instalment service, by urging motorists with traffic violations to pay their traffic fines in no-interest, easy-to-pay instalments using credit cards. The announcement regarding this new payment option was made by Dubai Police on their social media.

Promoting the service, Dubai Police further reminded motorists about the procedure for applying for this service which lets them apply for traffic fine instalments in two minutes. Motorists have options of paying the instalments over a period of three, six or twelve months.

The banks whose credit cards are eligible for making payments of the fines are as follows: 

● Emirates NBD
● Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
● First Abu Dhabi Bank
● Emirates Islamic Bank
● Commercial Bank International
● Dubai Islamic Bank
● Standard Chartered Bank
● Commercial Bank of Dubai
● Finance House

However, as per Dubai Police, certain conditions need to be fulfilled to avail of this service. These are as follows:

● The value of fines should not be less than Dh5,000 for individuals, and Dh20,000 for companies and institutions.
● You will need to pay 25 per cent of the total fines.
● The instalments are issued for up to 24 months and according to the value of traffic fines.
● If you wish to postpone the instalment, a fee of Dh100 would need to be paid. If the applicant is a company or institution, the fee would be Dh200. You would also need to pay a Dh10 Knowledge Fee and Dh10 Innovation Fee for each cheque. The application should be submitted 15 days before the instalment date.
● The first instalment starts after 30 days and the duration between each instalment should not exceed three months.

Steps to follow to avail the service:
● Apply for the service on the Dubai Police website or open the ‘Fines Installment Service’ on the Dubai Police smartphone application.
● Enter the vehicle number or traffic file number or driver's licence number.
● Select the ‘direct discount service’.
● Fill up your personal information, including bank account number and Emirates ID number.
● Agree to the terms and conditions of the direct discount service.

Once you submit a request, the same will be sent to the Central Bank for approval and you will be notified in case of approval or disapproval with reasons. Furthermore, until all the fines are paid, the motorists are not allowed to sell or transfer ownership of the vehicle.

In case of default on paying the instalments, the concerned motorist shall face a two-year ban from the fine instalment scheme, effective as of the date of the overdue instalment.

Information required to apply for the service:
● Valid identity card
● Bank account number and IBAN
● Vehicle number

Service channels for availing the service:
● Dubai Police Application
● Dubai Police website
● Smart Police Stations

Working hours of the service providers
● CID – 24/7
● Smart Police Stations SPS – 24/7
● Police Stations 7.30 am–10 pm

Service is linked to:
Smart Dubai (Digital Payment)

Contact details:
Call centre 901
Email mail@dubaipolice.gov.ae
Live chat in the application and website
P.O. Box 1493 Dubai- UAE

For any enquiries or information, contact info@thelawreporters.com or call us on +971 52 644 3004