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Two Individuals in Dubai Penalized for Throwing Fake Foreign Notes

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


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Two people were sentenced to six months in prison, deportation and fined Dh200,000 by the Dubai Criminal Court for throwing counterfeit notes. The two offenders were penalized for throwing fake notes around to pretend to be wealthy and acquire followers on social media.

The investigation on this case began in June 2021, when a security guard of a building reported witnessing money thrown from a luxury vehicle driven by a person of European descent in the Dubai Marina region.

The investigating team was able to identify the cameraman of the video clip as well as the individual who was throwing the counterfeit notes. The fake notes were $50 and $100 denominations of Australian dollars, according to a police officer.

The cameraman stated in his testimony that he was employed by an event photography company in another Emirate and that the European defendant had asked him to film him in Dubai.

Following the event, the cameraman surrendered the footage to the Police.

The European individual admitted that another person of Asian descent printed 750 counterfeit Australian currency notes for the video.

He said the money was intended to film a scenario within a piece of art and that he had no intention of promoting the counterfeit money.

After the European defendant confessed, the Asian individual who assisted him in printing the fake notes was detained. He claimed during the interview that he printed the money since the European man had asked for it.

The Asian man was also apparently given two copies of the cash he wanted to duplicate on WhatsApp by the European.

According to a forensic laboratory analysis, the seized cash was so counterfeited that it could fool an ordinary person into thinking that they were real.

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