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Types of rental disputes in UAE

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Staff Writer, TLR

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


Tenant landlord disputes occasionally arise challenging situation

Tenant and landlord disputes can occasionally arise. It can be a challenging situation for both parties. Mostly, the disputes are settled by dialogue and the discovery of a workable resolution. To resolve the dispute, it can occasionally be necessary to turn to the courts or the relevant authorities.

The relationship between the landlord and tenant may become strained if one of the parties violates the tenancy agreement's provisions. Disputes between landlords and tenants can occur for a variety of reasons, but some of the most frequent ones are as follows: 

Disputes over a rise or fall in rent

The majority of rental disputes involve an increase or decrease in rent. Landlords think they can raise the rent at renewal time without giving additional notice.

Landlord has the right to raise the rent reasonably when renewing a tenancy agreement, but the tenant has the right to know about the increase at least three months before the tenancy agreement expires. The same applies if a tenant wants to lower monthly rent payments.

The tenant can negotiate with the landlord to reduce the rent three months before the lease expires. Without doing so, it might result in rental disagreement.

Conflicts over repair and maintenance

When it comes to the upkeep and repairs of a rental property, landlords and tenants are never in agreement. All significant maintenance tasks must be carried out by the landlord following the terms and conditions of the tenancy. However, minor repairs and ongoing maintenance must be handled by tenants.

Tenant Insurance

 Dispute over tenant insurance is a potential issue that arises between the two parties.

Legally, the landlord may provide insurance for the upkeep of the property until the conclusion of the lease. Except for costs stemming from ordinary use or unavoidable situations, the landlord should reimburse the tenant for any unused insurance once the lease expires. Except for unforeseen circumstances, the tenant is required to return the item to the landlord in the same state as it was received. Even though it is illegal to cut off services to a house, this might lead to disputes between landlords and tenants.

Subletting of a lease

It is generally allowed, provided the original lease agreement does not prohibit it. However, subletting without the landlord’s permission may lead to legal issues.

If a tenant wishes to sublet their property, they must first seek permission from the landlord and obtain written consent. The tenant must also ensure that the subtenant meets the same criteria when they signed the lease agreement, including providing relevant documentation such as a valid residence visa.

Subletting a lease without proper authorization is a breach of the original lease agreement, which can result in legal action by the landlord. Further, there could be disagreements between the tenant and subtenant regarding their respective responsibilities and obligations under the sublease agreement.

Disputes regarding the final settlement

A disagreement between landlords and tenants over the final payment at the end of tenancy agreements is very likely.

While landlords prefer to keep the maximum amount to restore their properties, tenants want to receive a full refund of their security deposit.

Further disputes involve the damage to property, the return of security deposits, and the upkeep and repair of facilities.

Rental disputes might arise while leasing out your property. If the dispute isn’t solved amicably, it is preferred to take guidance from a lawyer with expertise in dispute resolution.

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