UAE Announces 10-Year Validity for Passports of Citizens Aged 21 and Above

Commencing July 8, the new service will be accessible to the public

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Published on July 8, 2024, 16:45:27


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In a significant policy shift, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced the extension of the validity period for passports for its citizens. Effective immediately, Emirati citizens aged 21 and above will be issued passports with a 10-year validity period.

This move aims to streamline the passport renewal process and reduce the frequency of renewals, thereby saving time and effort for citizens. For those under 21, the passport validity will remain at five years.

The announcement was made by the UAE government on July 8, 2024. The government emphasised the benefits of the extended validity period in terms of convenience and efficiency, aligning with the UAE's ongoing efforts to modernise its administrative processes and provide user-friendly services to its citizens.

The UAE government has assured that the new passports will be issued through the same procedures and channels as the current ones. Citizens can apply for their passports through the official government portals, ensuring a seamless transition to the new system. This includes online applications, in-person submissions at passport offices, and through authorised service centres.

The extension of the passport validity period to 10 years aligns with global standards, making international travel more convenient for Emirati citizens. Many countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, and several European nations, already issue passports with a 10-year validity for adult citizens.

This change is expected to facilitate smoother travel experiences for Emiratis, reducing the need for frequent renewals and associated bureaucratic processes.

By extending the validity period of passports, the UAE government aims to reduce the administrative burden on both citizens and governmental authorities. This policy is part of a broader effort to enhance the efficiency of government services and improve the overall quality of life for Emirati citizens.

The extended validity period will result in fewer applications and renewals, allowing government resources to be allocated more effectively.
This policy change reflects the UAE’s commitment to providing the best services to its people and enhancing their quality of life.

The 10-year passport validity is a testament to the country's dedication to innovative governance and efficient administrative processes.

As the UAE continues to modernise its public services, this initiative is expected to have a positive impact on the lives of Emirati citizens, further strengthening the nation’s reputation as a leader in forward-looking governance.

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