UAE Getting Back to Normal As Mask Requirements Partially Eased

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00



The UAE, which has been hell bent on implementing mask requirements across the country, has now released pressure on mask requirements with respect to certain specific situations. The announcement comes from Ministry of Health and Prevention. The situations where masks are exempted are as follows:

- while exercising outside, at the beach or by the pool

- while in a car or in private with individuals from the same household

- while in a barber shop or salon

The decision will have the most significance on Abu Dhabi, where regulations previously compelled people to wear a mask in practically all public settings, including while exercising. However, social distancing (2m) is still in place and businesses are required by law to inform customers with signboards on why wearing masks are necessary. This easing of restrictions is owing to a significant fall in COVID numbers.