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UAE Government Agencies Will No Longer Utilize E-Dirham

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Kontheti Subramanya Sai Lakshmi Anuhya

Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


eDirham system effort initiated Ministry Finance United Arab

The e-Dirham system is an effort initiated by the Ministry of Finance of the United Arab Emirates in 2001 to provide an official electronic payment platform for collecting revenues and service fees by government and semi-government organizations.

The main aim of launching the E dirham was:

  • Reduce currency exchange and manual (hand) processing of transactions by government employees in tax collection divisions.
  • Modernize, progress technologically, and secure the revenue collecting system to prevent theft and counterfeiting. 
  • Provide a tracking system beginning with money collection and concluding with automatic transaction verification.
  • Construct a financial database with comprehensive statistics reporting
  • To streamline transactions for the UAE government. 
  • To provide reporting tools for senior management to analyze and monitor activities and improve decision-making. 
  • To increase government officials' productivity by automating collection chores, so freeing up staff to serve the public; and
  • Provide prompt and uninterrupted service to residents, and extend service hours

For many years, the E dirham has become an indispensable commodity for most UAE residents. The Ministry of Finance of the United Arab Emirates announced on the 17th of August 2022 that the government of the UAE would progressively discontinue accepting eDirham payments for their services over the subsequent three months. On Twitter, the ministry announced that the eDirham platform would soon be retired and that, going forward, customers will be able to pay for government services through foreign payment methods that the UAE has approved. Transactions may be made more efficiently using the cashless payment method known as eDirham. According to the website of the ministry, eDirham has been creatively revamped to give customers an experience that is easy to understand, transparent, and secure. Customers can now make payments using an intelligent app and eDirham cards, which have several user benefits due to the new and improved system.

eDirham has also been integrated with other banks to provide customers with additional options and benefits, as well as to improve customers' overall quality of life by providing government agencies with access to a modern and integrated payment system that can; be used to collect payments and manage cash flow. eDirham has also been integrated with other banks to provide customers with additional options and benefits.

Now, Customers have access to the following forms of payment at their disposal:

  • Samsung Pay
  • Apple Pay
  • Bank transfers
  • Debit and credit cards 

In conclusion, it is necessary to understand that the primary focus of the United Arab Emirates has always been on enhancing the standard of living throughout the country and bringing it up to date technologically. The process has become less laborious even though the EDirham service has significantly benefited the locals. Now that payments can be made by means such as Samsung pay and Apple pay, which are readily available on most smartphones, the process can be completed more quickly.

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