UAE: ‘Green Visa’ Launched to Enable Sponsoring Sons Till 25 Years of Age

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00



In a move that might be lauded heavily by expats, enable them to find a home away from home in the UAE and find their place in the UAE Success Story, the UAE has launched a new “Green Visa” which also enables sponsorship of males till the age of 25 years. This was launched as a part of Projects of the 50, drawing on the success of the last 50 Years to chart out the success of the next 50. Green visas are work permits with residency. The UAE's leadership announced the creation of a Green Visa for innovators, entrepreneurs, and other professionals, as well as freelancing visas for those who work on their own. People with a freelance visa will be able to work on their own. Green card holders can sponsor their sons' visas till their boys reach the age of 25; a raise from the earlier limit of 18. Green card holders can support their parents as well. This came as a group of ministers and top officials gathered in Dubai to launch the first 50 new projects that will usher in the country's next chapter of development.