UAE: Investment Threshold for Visa Reduced for Dubai’s 3-year Investment Visa

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00



The investment visa programme enabling a 3-year visa through investment, called the UAE Taskeen Programme has been given a slight twitch, thereby enabling a lower investment to be eligible for the visa. According to information on the Dubai Land Department's website, the minimum financial criterion for applying for a three-year visa through investment in Dubai's fast developing residential property market has been decreased to Dh750,000 from Dh1 million. The investor's passport and an electronic copy of the title deed certificate are essential documents for this sort of visa application. A property worth at least Dh750,000 must be owned by the applicant. If the property is mortgaged, the bank must receive 50% of the property value, or at least Dh750,000. To proceed with the visa application, an Arabic non-objection letter as well as a mortgage bank statement will be required. This policy enables a 3 year renewable visa with provisions to sponsor spouse as well.