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UAE Launches Coders HQ Initiative to Spearhead Digital Economy

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Published on July 14, 2023, 17:41:00


new programme based Dubais Emirates Towers intends develop generation

A new programme which is based in Dubai's Emirates Towers, intends to develop a new generation of coders across the UAE.

In collaboration with more than 40 companies in the UAE and around the world, the UAE government has launched ‘Coders HQ’, a new project that redefines local coding communities.

The project intends to develop a new generation of coders, improve their capacities and skills in the fields of coding and technology. The Coders HQ has a conference room, a supercomputer and many workstations to provide coders with the opportunity to find innovative solutions to local and global problems.

According to sources, six new coders' headquarters will open around the UAE in the coming months.

The UAE news agency WAM has mentioned primary goals of the Coders' HQ. Analysing and strengthening the skills of coders in the UAE, facilitating constant communication between coders in the UAE and overseas, and providing coders with the possibilities to assist the UAE maintain leadership in this field.

Several initiatives under the new project include, ‘HQ Learn’ which provides practical training courses in different coding fields to different levels of coders, ‘HQ Assessment’ provides a mechanism for evaluating coders' skills and performance, ‘HQ Meetups’ focuses on developing and incubating software communities in all fields, and ‘HQ Challenges’ shares private sector challenges where winners receive prizes.

‘HQ Hackathons’ will host a series of short hackathons in collaboration with the private sector, ‘HQ Conferences’ will bring international conferences specialising in coding to the UAE, ‘HQ Get Inspired’ will host a series of interactive sessions presented by CEOs and technical influencers, ‘HQ Internship’ will provide training opportunities for Emirati graduates in digital companies, and ‘HQ 021’ a joint project with the UAE National and Reserve Service Authority (UAENSR), have also been launched.

In the presence of Omar bin Sultan Al Olama, Minister of State for Artificial Intelligence, Digital Economy, and Teleworking Applications, the project was launched in a virtual event organised by the National Program for Coders.

According to WAM, Al Olama stated that the Coders HQ was established in response to Dubai Ruler, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum's mandate to develop sophisticated coding communities as a major driver in moulding the digital economy's future.

He went on to say that the project symbolises the UAE's objective of preparing a new generation of coders capable of coming up with creative solutions to future problems.

The Coders HQ, as one of the National Programme for Coders' programmes and initiatives, intends to strengthen the UAE's status as a global centre for coders and an incubation ecosystem for projects and innovative ideas for a brighter future.

In conjunction with 40 government, semi-government, corporate, and academic entities, the Coders HQ has launched training programmes for Emiratis to facilitate their participation in various disciplines of coding in the private sector.

The top entities include Abu Dhabi University, Majid Al Futtaim Holding, Microsoft Middle East and Africa, IBM, Presales MERAT, Meta, Rabdan Academy, VMware, ADNOC, and the American University in Dubai.

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